Monday, November 19, 2012


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1. Grow Jesus in your bathtub... (posted November 9) What.

2. "'I’ve heard that you’re bisexual. Is that true?' ... I remembered a time the previous fall, before I’d accepted my sexuality, when I’d confessed during a small group meeting that I was struggling with having feelings for other women. Perhaps someone from the group had told my prospective roommate about what I’d said." (posted November 13)

3. Pray About It (posted November 13) "I spent a lot of time this fall sitting in chairs, staring out the window, believing somewhere deep inside that if I stayed still long enough, God would speak the answer."

4. My One and Only Post on the Recent Hoopla Regarding #BiblicalWomanhood (posted November 3) Rachel Held Evans has been criticized for attacking a "straw woman". The writer of this post says that while complementarian pastors may not be explicitly teaching some completely wrong, sexist version of "biblical womanhood", those ideas are being perpetuated by the lay members of the church and need to be challenged.

5. Sisters, Speak (posted November 14) "Speak with the voice of the Hebrew midwives, who defied Pharaoh to save the helpless."

6. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a direct quote of the Bible verse?"  I lolled.

7. Modesty and Alcoholism (posted November 14) The writer of this post challenges the commonly-used analogy which says women need to dress modestly because you wouldn't take an alcoholic to a bar.

8. It's Now or Never: Love Your Enemies (posted June 2011) "Today is the day God has appointed to love our enemies. Either we will do it in this life, or we will never do it."

9. Richard Mourdock and Biblical Values- He's Right (posted October 24) (trigger warning: rape) "If you read Judges from start to finish, the mistreatment of women, the devaluation of women, the break down in society (tribal kinship, etc...) grows until murder, kidnapping, and rape are deemed more justifiable than breaking an oath."

10. How to Read the Bible (posted November 16) "Is it basically about me or basically about Jesus?"

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