Monday, November 12, 2012


1. Sufferin' Until Suffrage Did you know women used to be not allowed to vote? Wow, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

2. What Single People Wish Married People Knew (posted December 2011) Wow, amen to this entire thing. "In the very thick book of popular theology that is not actually in the Bible, a book I like to call 'First Assumptions', we have this formula: 'Not letting go = being single. Letting go = being married.'" Yes, I have heard this SO MANY TIMES- just be content and pretend you don't want a husband- it's a clever trick to get God to give you a husband.

3. Heartbeat: My Involuntary Miscarriage and 'Voluntary Abortion' in Ohio (posted November 1) It's stories like this that make me think the government should not be the one to restrict abortion- bureaucracy dominates health and common sense.

4. Is God's Nature "Father" and not "Mother"? (posted October 27) "To find it insulting to God, or blasphemous, to think of God as having a mother's nature as well as a father's, smells of misogyny. Why should the Motherhood of God be blasphemous, unless there is something unholy about motherhood/womanhood?"

5. When you say to me pro-life (posted November 5) Beautiful and moving. About what "pro-life" SHOULD mean, as it applies to all parts of one's life, and the way one treats all people.

6. “Biblical Womanhood” and the illusion of clarity: a response to Kathy Keller (posted November 7) "It will not do to tell a woman that she is forbidden from preaching the gospel from a pulpit, and when she asks why, to simply tell her it's because of 'biblical womanhood.'" In this post, Rachel Held Evans responds to her critics and argues there is no straightforward, blindingly obvious way to interpret the bible.

7. Sign language that African Americans use is different from that of whites (posted September 2012)

8. Goodbye, Christian America; Hello, True Christianity (posted November 6) "There was a time when Pastor Curry might have worried about things like posting the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, but today he's too busy changing the city of Tacoma and world." Amen to this whole article.

9. Why Boys Shouldn't Play Football with Girls (posted November 9) I was completely shocked that this kind of sexism exists and calls itself "Christian." Men are supposed to protect women by not allowing them to use their abilities and do what makes them happy? GTFO.

10. Emotional Purity: When You Use Up All Your Love (posted August 2012) "I would be terrified to get too close to my boyfriend because, again, until we either got married or broke up, I would have no way to know if I was sinning by letting him into my heart or not." This post challenges the idea of "emotional purity" and the risk of "giving away part of your heart" (which I totally used to believe) and takes it to its very screwed-up logical conclusions.

What's going on on your blog this week? :)

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