Sunday, September 12, 2021

Disney Store at Lujiazui (Shanghai, China)

Hi everyone! In the previous post, I showed you my photos from the subway journey from Century Avenue to Lujiazui. In this post, we'll see the photos from Lujiazui.

Lujiazui (陆家嘴) is where all the famous Shanghai skyscrapers are. Several big financial companies have huge offices there. And it's so extremely touristy- like, if you come to Shanghai as a tourist, there is no way you don't come see the sights at Lujiazui.

So let's take a look at what we can see at Lujiazui:


The Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠. This is the most well-known building in Shanghai. *The* symbol of Shanghai. You get off the subway at Lujiazui and you always see lots of people taking pictures of it.


A couple of trash cans

Famous skyscrapers, including the bottle-opener building.

Chinese fast food restaurants

Starbucks and Dairy Queen

There is a traffic circle at Lujiazui, with a circular pedestrian walkway above it. 

In the center of the traffic circle they always have some pretty topiary. Usually it's related to whatever the Chinese zodiac animal is for the current year (2021 is the year of the ox). But currently it's this "100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China" instead.

Apple store

Here's Super Brand Mall 正大广场. Very big mall. I like to go there.

All right, so where did I decide to go and take photos on this fine evening? 

*drum roll*

The Disney store!

迪士尼旗舰店 = Disney flagship store

In the above photo, on the far right you can see a guy standing at the doorway. This is the security guard who is checking everyone's green codes. (He is also checking temperatures and making sure everyone is masked.) In China, there are apps that will check your phone's travel history and give you a green, yellow, or red code. Green means you have only been in "low-risk" areas for the past 14 days- no "medium-risk" or "high-risk." "Low risk" means that areas has had 0 covid cases for the past 14 days. 

Mine has always been green- even though there have been a few locally-transmitted covid cases in Shanghai, they only designated individual apartment complexes as "medium risk", not like the entire district or city or anything. 

(Looking up the stats, there have been 381 domestic covid cases in Shanghai total for the entire pandemic. I think the majority of these must have been right at the beginning, travelers coming back from Hubei province. And this doesn't count the internationally-imported cases- everyone who enters China is immediately covid-tested AND quarantined for 14-21 days. So the internationally-imported cases don't spread, assuming no mistakes are made among the front-line workers who come into contact with international travelers or cold-chain imports etc. And yes, there have been a few cases here and there in Shanghai due to those kinds of mistakes. When that happens, all close contacts are tested and quarantined and that's pretty much that, there haven't been outbreaks bigger than like 10ish cases in Shanghai.)

Anyway, you're only allowed to go in the Disney store if your phone has a green code. For children, they don't check codes though. Also I heard there's some kind of workaround for old people who don't have a phone, something about getting a document issued that confirms your travel history or whatever.

Anyway. Behold! The Disney store.

Tsum tsums.

Wow you can get this set of princesses for 599 rmb (original price 799 rmb). 599 rmb is 93 USD.

7折 means it's 70% of the original price (so 30% off).
There you have it! What else do you all want to see pictures of in Shanghai? 


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