Saturday, September 4, 2021


1. Honest Trailers | Loki (posted August 11)

2. Clanging gongs and noisy cymbals (posted August 18) "If all you're doing is 'worship,' then whatever that is, it ain't worship." Amen.

3. Operation Onion Ring – Thomas John and the Children (posted June 10) "The other stuff about the grandmother showing him flowers and a garden are vague cold-reading statements. Throwing in a farm, possibly belonging to an older man that could have been Ida’s great-grandfather should have been an easy hit."

4. Pastoring in a Racist Church: One Pastor’s Story (posted August 19) "They warned that people would leave if I kept preaching social justice and pressured me to change course."

5. The New Leader of Harvard University's Chaplains is an Atheist (posted August 26) Cool!

6. Bethlehem Baptist coddles white supremacy (posted August 31) "This is a story about Doug Wilson, white supremacy, and enabling abuse. Not because these are 'hot-button issues,' but because they are very real sins, heresies, and injustices that the current leadership of Bethlehem Baptist is determined to 'coddle' while exhibiting 'untethered empathy' for people like Wilson and Derek Chauvin."

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