Wednesday, June 12, 2019

2019 Reader Survey Wrap-Up

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Hi readers! I would like to thank everyone who took the time to do the 2019 Reader Survey. Thanks for your support and feedback for my blog. :)

Part of the survey asked about topics you would like to see more of. I've decided to take the top 6 responses and specifically write a post for each of them. So stay tuned for those coming up in the next few months.

Here they are:
  1. Purity culture: Wishing the Best to Josh Harris and His Ex
  2. Sex: If A Wife Is Required To Have Sex, That's Not "Intimacy"
  3. Asexuality: LOLLLLL yep should have known right then I was asexual
  4. Mental health: Boundaries and My Religion
  5. Responses to abusive theology: The Babylon Bee Completely Misunderstands Boundaries. I Am Shocked. (note: not actually shocked)
  6. Being ex-evangelical: "Parenting Forward": A Book About Valuing Children For Who They Are
(lol, looking over these, I'm like "yeah that is pretty much what my blog is about." I guess it makes sense that people who like my blog like to read about those topics.)

Probably the most "controversial" thing on the survey was I got a few people who said "I love the VeggieTales" posts and a few who said "I don't like the VeggieTales posts." In general I do those once a month, and I'll probably keep doing that. They're easy for me to do because it's just one giant thread of tweets, but also I think a giant thread of tweets isn't really a good format for a blog post and there are probably issues with readability and load times. Sooooooooooo... for now I guess I will keep posting them once a month.

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing for these past 7 years of blogging. <3 And I have a bunch more good stuff planned for the next year~

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