Thursday, July 12, 2018


1. ‘The Soreno has politely said No’ (posted June 26) "The manager of the George Washington Hotel in West Palm Beach refused to allow black major leaguers to stay at his hotel, but this was simply good manners and “not … political.” Equality under the law would be political. Inequality was merely polite."

2. Trump administration moves to block victims of gang violence and domestic abuse from claiming asylum (posted June 11)

3. Unlearning Shame: My First Pair of Short Shorts (posted July 3) "At school I was constantly bullied for being fat and ugly. All of this additional fat shaming and lack of autonomy was reinforced by the church and their fixation on keeping girls like me pure and modest."

4. The Shame in Puerto Rico (posted June 3) "After surveying random households across the island and comparing mortality rates they encountered to those before Maria, they came up with an estimated 4,645 additional deaths through the end of the year — a third of them people who died for lack of medical care."

5. 'They treated us as though we were animals': Letters from inside an immigration detention facility (posted July 4) [content note: first-hand accounts of parents whose children were taken by the US government, it's pretty emotional] "But I want you to know that I miss you a lot. And that every day, I pray to God that we'll be together again soon and that they will never again separate you from me because you are the most beautiful thing that God has given me, you my son."

6. Vice President Mike Pence Defends Cruel Anti-Immigration Policy With Scripture (posted July 4)

7. Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (posted June 17) John Oliver's report about Chinese president Xi Jinping. I'm over here in China watching this with a VPN, thinking yep there's no way any of this is getting past the Chinese internet censors.

Also we all know Xi Jinping looks like Winnie the Pooh.

8. Sexplanations- This is a sex-ed youtube channel. Content note: very NSFW, explicit sexual content and images

9. disappointment is the guide to happiness (posted June 12) "I still experienced the entire emotional spectrum but was taught to ignore a significant section of it, to bury those feelings."

10. The kingdom of heaven is like Kesha performing "Praying" at the Grammys. (I know I've posted this before, but wow it's just so good.)

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