Thursday, May 10, 2018


Lena Waithe at the Met Gala, wearing a giant rainbow flag cape as part of her Catholic-themed outfit. Image source.
1. What does the life of a mother mean to you Governor Bryant? (posted March 29) [content note: anti-choice politics that literally threatens women's lives] "I ask the politicians of Mississippi how sick must a pregnant woman be after 15 weeks to have an abortion in your state because I read your law and I don’t know?"

2. Which House Was Hagrid In? | Harry Potter Theory (posted May 1)

3. James H. Cone, Founder Of Black Liberation Theology, Dies At 79 (posted April 28)

And this post from 2015: Why James H. Cone's Liberation Theology Matters More Than Ever

I recently wrote a blog series reviewing Cone's "The Cross and the Lynching Tree." American Christians should all read this book.

4. Carnival Of Aces: My Story Of Failing At Doing The Straight Thing (posted April 30) "I spend weeks dodging questions from straight relatives about how the day compared to my dream wedding. I don’t tell them the only dream wedding I ever had was my wedding. I don’t tell them the only dream wedding night I was allowed to have according to the things they taught me as a child was a nightmare."

5. Disability in Animation: Finding Nemo (posted 2014) [content note: spoilers for "Finding Nemo"] "At the same time though, it becomes clear that he does think there’s a lot of stuff that Nemo can’t do, and he’s not really letting Nemo figure out for himself what he can and can’t do. Now, that’s not a great attitude, and it’s not necessarily how you should handle a kid’s disability, but it is good that the movie shows it. Because while it may not be the right attitude, it’s a very common one, and the entire rest of the movie is basically spent deconstructing it."

6. Ace Survivors as Rhetorical Devices (part three): The One True Narrative of Sexual Violence Against Aces (posted 2015) [content note: sexual assault] "Other narratives are less politically useful, and so aces who don’t know if their (a)sexuality was influenced by trauma, asexuals who were assaulted as children, aces who were assaulted for reasons entirely unrelated to their asexuality, aces who were assaulted by other aces, aces who have been assaulted multiple times or who have experienced multiple forms of sexual violence, etc. are shoved out of the way."

7. Visiting Disney World is the Modern Version of Making a Medieval Pilgrimage (posted 2016)

8. And the 2018 Reader Survey will be open until June 9~ go ahead and take the survey if you haven't already~ Thanks!

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