Thursday, September 21, 2017


Saturn. Image source.
1. Median wealth of black Americans 'will fall to zero by 2053', warns new report (posted September 13)

2. Cassini: The Grand Finale: Toolkit Wow this is so cool- everyone needs to know about this! Cassini is a spacecraft that was launched in 1997 and entered Saturn's orbit in 2004. Since that time, it's been sending back tons of super-cool photos and data about Saturn and its moons. But now it's out of fuel so they've decided to let it go down into Saturn's atmosphere- the end of its mission. It entered Saturn's atmosphere on September 15.

3. Dignity kits distribution begins for Barbuda women and girls impacted by Hurricane Irma and Jose (posted September 12) "At the aid distribution centre, as Ms. Jacobs talked to relief coordinators, displaced women ran up to her, because they had overheard about the dignity kit items and were looking for sanitary napkins and other products that women and girls urgently needed."

4. Christians Give Your Tithe Towards Trans Surgeries (fundraiser during the month of September) Hey let's all donate to this! I just did~

5. Harry Potter Theory: Voldemort's FULL Tri-Wizard Cup Plan! (posted September 14) " could suggest that the Tri-Wizard Cup was intended to be a portkey the whole time."

I really enjoy how fan theories are a lot like apologetics. The fourth Harry Potter book has a lot of plot holes (why was Harry required to compete? why was fake Moody such a good teacher? couldn't Voldemort have found an easier way to kill Harry?) and so a ton of fans have come up with a ton of explanations for why those weren't actually plot holes and it all makes sense. It's a fun game~ we can play it with the bible too, but remember it's just a game~

6. The NIV on Tradition and Teachings (posted 2010) WHATTTTTTT?!!! This is a post about how in the NIV, the same Greek word is translated as "teachings" when it's used in a positive way and "traditions" when it's used in a negative way- because of translators' anti-Catholic bias. HOLYYYYY CRAP. I used to memorize the bible and put a lot of importance on every word, and this makes me feel very angry and betrayed.

7. John Piper on Forgiveness (posted September 21) Yep, this crap is EXACTLY what I used to believe. Thank you, Libby Anne, for getting receipts. (The kingdom of heaven is like an atheist blogger exposing John Piper's teaching for the anti-human nonsense it is.)

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