Thursday, September 7, 2017


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1. Break the Cycle: Spiritual Abuse and the Conversion of Children (posted September 1) "We discover that Jimmy has never asked Jesus into his heart. My heart pounding, I convince Jimmy to let me lead him through the sinner’s prayer. I feel both very uncomfortable and somehow accomplished. By this time, most nights I don’t lie awake crying, repeating the sinner’s prayer over and over in a state of severe anxiety."

2. Florida Demands Parents Call Their Kids "Limited" or Lose Health Care (posted August 28) "We should never have had to justify services by listening to others denigrate our son."

3. The ugly ingratitude of the ‘Nashville Statement’ (posted August 31) "But Paul wasn’t having it. He insisted it was wrong to “trouble” and “unsettle” these uncircumcised believers by telling them that they would have to first become something else in order to follow Jesus."

4. The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory (posted August 31) Well full disclosure, I really like "The Big Bang Theory," but this video is absolutely right. The sexism in this show is very bad and as a nerd girl I really hate it. In the first few seasons of "The Big Bang Theory," Raj "can't talk to girls"- which meant he literally was unable to speak in the presence of a woman- and this was presented like "oh look how pathetic he is," as if it was something that mostly affected his love life or lack thereof. COME ON. Women are not just potential romantic partners. If you can't even speak to half the people you encounter, that's just unacceptable at school, at work, or in any other setting where people talk to each other. (Reminds me of the "Billy Graham rule.") Also I hate all the jokes about how nerds can't get a girlfriend. Like when Sheldon is making his youtube series about flags and brings in his girlfriend to prove to all the doubters in the comment section that she really is real- because a nerd boy having a girlfriend is apparently something unbelievable. Or when Penny is signing autographs at some nerdy convention and the nerd boys who come and ask for her autograph don't believe that Leonard is really her husband, because how could a man like him ever get a woman as hot as her? Both Penny and Leonard have to tell the fans repeatedly that it's true, he really is her husband- and then a giant group of nerd boys gathers around to hear the tale of how on earth that could be possible. (And to learn how they can achieve the same result.) It's disgusting because it says that women and nerds are completely separate and it's unimaginable that they would ever have anything in common. It erases the existence of nerd girls. (And I hate how in the first few seasons of "The Big Bang Theory", none of the main characters were nerd girls.)

5. Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like (posted August 28)

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