Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Giving Candy to All My Coworkers Because I'm Getting Married

A week before I went back to the US for the wedding, I spent some quality time putting a bunch of candy into little boxes.

See in China there's a tradition: When you get married, you buy adorable little boxes and put maybe 4 to 6 pieces of candy in each one, and bring them to work and give one to each of your coworkers. (And if you have a baby, you bring in little boxes of candy for everyone at work for that too.) You know, as a way to celebrate.

They sell these boxes specifically for wedding candy, in sets of 50 on taobao (which is like Amazon but for China). I've gathered a bunch of pictures of different types to show you:

Red metal heart-shaped container. Image source.
Little red paper bags of various sizes, with 囍 [xǐ], the "double happiness" character for weddings. Image source.
This one even includes data on how many of various types of candy you can fit in.
Round red boxes. Image source.
Intricate red wooden box. Image source.
A bunch of triangle-shaped pink boxes (with ribbons and flowers) arranged all together as if they are slices of one big pie. Image source.
Red boxes which have the word "Love" or a drawing of a bride and groom on the sides. Image source.
Round pink metal tins with ribbons and flowers. Image source.
Same pink metal tins as above, but they are open so you can see how much candy fits in (there are 2 sizes available). 
In China, red is the color for weddings, so most of the boxes are red, but it's easy to find other colors too. Also, in my experience they usually have less candy than these photos show. Usually there's 1 of those round Ferrero Rocher chocolates or maybe 2 little Dove chocolates, and several pieces of non-chocolate candy.

So. Yep. Did that. Gave candy to everyone at work, and they all told me "恭喜 [gōng xǐ]" which means "congratulations." It was pretty cool. ^_^

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