Thursday, August 3, 2017


Six foxes looking up at you. Image source.
1. The Bible Says Canaanites Were Killed, But New DNA Evidence Suggests Otherwise (posted July 29) [content note: photo of a skeleton]

2. There is No Justification for the Media's Hierarchy of Victims (posted July 24) "People think that reading the news is a good way to stay “informed.” But it isn’t at all, because it is biased toward paying excessive attention to things that happen the least often. The entire concept of “newsworthiness” is in tension with giving people an accurate impression of the world, and journalists should ditch it and focus on trying to educate people on what matters in the world, “newsworthy” or not."

3. Democrats want to stop Trump's trans ban before it starts (posted July 27) "Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is working on legislation to block President Trump’s proposed ban on transgender people serving in the military, part of an effort to move fellow lawmakers from bashing the controversial White House announcement to actually trying to find concrete ways of reversing it."

4. We’ll build a wall — and yeast infections will pay for it (posted July 12) "Since Planned Parenthood “funding” is reimbursement for health-services provided, redirecting that funding to the construction and maintenance of the border wall will mean that the wall will have to provide those same health services — check-ups, family planning, STD-testing, cancer-screenings, treatment of yeast infections, blood-pressure/diabetes consultation, smoking cessation, etc."

5. "Anxiety" is one of the most misused concepts in conversations about disabled kids. Let's have a thread about it. (posted August 1) OH MY GOD you guys, this twitter thread is my ENTIRE CHILDHOOD with undiagnosed autism.

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