Thursday, May 4, 2017


Rey with a lightsaber. Happy Star Wars Day, everyone, May the Fourth be with you. Image source.
1. Who’s in Charge of Monks Nailing Theses to Church Doors? (posted April 27) Parody of a Christianity Today article.

2. Man 'healed' as child by televangelist Benny Hinn speaks out (posted April 27)

3. Is Anorexia the Latest Treatment for Obesity? (posted April 27) [TRIGGER WARNING: eating disorder, fat hatred] "This paper perpetuates the myth that fat people can’t be anorexic because weight loss is always healthy, even when it results from starvation."

4. Harry Potter Theory: Is the Sorting Hat ALWAYS right? (posted April 28) "Another character I think they sorted wrong, who isn't really developed much in the movies, is Percy Weasley."

5. Harry Potter Theory: The Truth About Felix Felicis (posted April 25) "But if you're still not convinced, take this under consideration: How did Slughorn have it ready so fast?"

6. The Problem with Gay Conversion Anecdotes (posted April 24) "No matter how gentle or kind the tone, the practical effect of these stories is to equip members of a church congregation with tools to further reject, isolate, and condemn LGBTQ people."

7. Captain Kirk, the Green Woman, and the Bible (posted April 18) "We remember it wrong because we see that green woman in the opening credits through the filter of our idea of James T. Kirk, Womanizer and that filter reshapes what we see, reinforcing the mistake." (The article linked to in that post, Freshly Remember'd: Kirk Drift, is required reading for Trekkies.)

And the follow-up post: Money, Hell, and ‘Kirk Drift’

8. Is Every Speed Limit Too Low? (posted April 25) "This “nationally recognized method” of setting the speed limit as the 85th percentile speed is essentially traffic engineering 101."

9. Estimate of autism’s sex ratio reaches new low (posted April 27) "Researchers find more girls with autism when they actively look for them." NO KIDDING

10. In Christianity, Every Day is Opposite Day. (posted April 29) "The more mismatched a person is to a venture, the less intuitively successful and coherent the idea is, and the more obviously doomed to failure the whole proposal is, then the more Christians find themselves drawn to it and rooting for it–and they only remember the successes."

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