Thursday, March 2, 2017


A cat and a stuffed Pikachu lay side-by-side on a bed. Both have their eyes closed in the same way. So cute. Image source.
1. What’s Your Abuse Policy? (posted February 21) Well here's a depressingly accurate little cartoon.

2. How #TransCrowdFund Fights Against Economic Violence (posted February 21) "One aspect of crowdfunding that deserves observation is that, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, the most successful campaigns are often for cisgender able-bodied heterosexual white men, which are funded for the most part by other cisgender able-bodied heterosexual white men. Conversely, you often see fundraisers for people from marginalized groups ignored or partially funded, and contributors are often other marginalized people who are also struggling to get by."

3. Star Trek’s Sir Patrick Stewart confesses he wrongly believed he was circumcised until his wife told him otherwise (posted February 23)

4. What ACTUALLY happens when Maroon 5 crashes your wedding (posted 2015) Oh my goodness this is adorable.

5. Underground network readies homes to hide undocumented immigrants (posted February 23) "'I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don't act. This isn't a moment to be standing idly by,' he says."

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