Thursday, February 9, 2017


"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." Image source.

Links about the orange antichrist:

1. Would You Talk About An Abused Friend Like You Talk About Melania Trump? (posted February 1)

2. Donald Trump is hiding his tax returns: Day 589 (posted January 26) "Realizing the extent of the horrible things he has no problem regularly revealing about himself makes it even more disturbing to imagine what sort of deeds he would try to hide."

3. Kellyanne Conway makes up 'Bowling Green massacre' to defend President Trump's immigration ban (posted February 3) This isn't satire. She actually said this.

4. What History Teaches Us About Trump's Immigration Order (posted January 29) "White abolitionists posted 'wanted' posters around the city, with sketches of the two 'man stealers,' who in turn withstood five days of increasingly taut heckling and threats wherever they traveled. Egging on the crowd, leading abolitionists like Wendell Phillips promised to 'trample [the Fugitive Slave] law under out feet.'"

5. Our Articles on the Attacks Trump Says the Media Didn’t Cover (posted February 7) "Just as striking was what the [White House's] list excluded: attacks targeting Muslims, who make up the overwhelming majority of victims of Islamist terrorism."

6. Elizabeth Warren Reads Coretta Scott King Letter about Jeff Sessions. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Senator Warren is right- everyone should read this. Wow. I learned about the civil rights movement in school, how there used to be segregation and racial discrimination written into the laws of the United States, but that was a long time ago. Well guess what, white people- it wasn't actually that long ago, and I'm appalled to learn that some of the same people (ahem Jeff Sessions) who were involved in violent intimidation of black voters are STILL lurking in the US government now. Everyone needs to read Coretta Scott King's letter. DAMNNNNNN.

7. Bryan Fischer: Jesus Would Support the Muslim Ban Since Going To Heaven Involves “Extreme Vetting” (posted February 7) You know how I always say believing in hell COMPLETELY RUINS anything good about Christianity, how it leads to all sorts of shocking, heartless, anti-human beliefs and actions? Well here's Bryan Fischer showing us an excellent example of that exact thing.

8. Ontario to provide life-saving health care to children affected by U.S. travel ban (posted February 3) Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.

Links about various other things:

1. Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye Take 'Giant Leap' Down NY Fashion Week Runway (posted February 1) Cool! More photos here and here.

2. How Far Is Too Far (posted February 2) "Because did oral sex count as sex? And if you couldn’t have penis in vagina sex could you ever actually have sex at all? And what if by “petting” you were able to bring someone to orgasm? Was that sex? Even if no penises went into any vaginas? I mean, I guess if you went back to the standard line that asking about where the line was already meant you went too far you had your answers."

3. Harry Potter Theory: Golden Flames Explained (posted February 2) I love this fan theory.

4. When Belief Becomes a Work (posted January 20) "And then he questioned my salvation for even considering the possibility that someone could possibly be Christian and an evolutionist at the same time." (And also you should read this storify.)

5. Discourse in the Garden of Eden (posted January 31) "It’s the tale of humanity’s first bad faith argument."

6. Abortion Is Not a Bible Issue (posted February 3) "Well, I have news for [Franklin] Graham—following his logic, it’s not a biblical command for this country to ban abortion, either."

7. Study: For Those With Autism, Fixations Can Be Beneficial (posted February 3) No shit, Sherlock.

8. Medicine vs. Exorcism: The Real Miracle. (posted January 29) "In fact, this disease may well be responsible for many cases that are considered by Christians to be demonic possession because of its weird, unnerving psychological manifestations and its sudden onset in someone who seemed healthy beforehand."

9. The Danger of the “Wayward Woman” of Proverbs (posted February 7) [content note: rape of a child] "After all, why take the time to learn about grooming when the story already fits perfectly into a “wayward woman” narrative you already know by heart from Proverbs?"

10. Why You Shouldn’t See The Shack – but Why so Many Will (posted January 31) I'm sharing this because it's an example of a thing that Good Christians do- this blogger believes that the movie "The Shack" teaches some incorrect ideas about God, and therefore he says you shouldn't see it. Not "watch it and we can discuss the messages it communicates" but "you shouldn't see it." (This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the way feminists critcize harmful messages in movies and other media.) He's from that brand of conservative Christianity that believes it's dangerous to even listen to something that teaches the "wrong" things about God. And the whole blog post is full of "isn't it so sad how so many people nowadays believe things about God that are different from what I believe"- that's not an exact quote, that's me summarizing, but this is an exact quote: "I have the audacity to suggest there is one, specific way to understand all of the scriptures" LOLOLOLOL and by the most lucky of all coincidences, that "one specific way" just happens to be the way that he understands them.

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