Thursday, April 7, 2016


A gif showing a cat spinning around and around on the floor because its head and front legs are stuck in an empty fishbowl. A dog in the foreground stares at us, as if to say "why do we have a cat?" Image source.
1. March 31 was the Transgender Day of Visibility. Great!

2. Innocence Lost: Honeymoon from Hell (posted March 30) "Now, understand: we aren’t familiar with lube. We’ve never owned any. I’m 20 years old, she’s 21 — we’ve never touched the stuff."

3. Donald Trump’s Abortion Logic Is Totally 100% Right (posted March 31) "The argument that women would not or should not go to jail for abortion is absurd when one notes that there are women in the United States who have, in fact, gone to jail for abortion; some are sitting in jail right now."

And later in the article, this: "The plan, again, isn’t to make parenthood easier or to make motherhood safer. It’s to keep women constrained into a role conservative lawmakers have decided is better for them, against all the evidence provided by women themselves." Oh my goodness yes yes yes- this describes pro-life politics and absintence-only sex-ed PERFECTLY.

See also: Women Are Already Being Prosecuted for Having Abortions

4. Here's a review of "God's Not Dead 2." And yes, it's pretty much exactly as bad as you would expect.

See also: Persecute Me, Please: God’s Not Dead 2 and the Evangelical Lust for Victimhood (posted April 1)

5. purity culture and the wedding night (posted April 1) "I thought I’d be lucky not to marry a rapist." I have had similar thoughts. Because in purity culture, you definitely must have sex on the wedding night. Can't say no.

6. South Carolina GOP threatens evangelical churches (March 30) "It’s an open-ended threat meant to intimidate churches and other would-be sponsors into turning their backs on refugees."

7. Donald Trump did not know the Standard Answer on criminalizing abortion (posted March 31) "What this meant for me, as you know if you’ve read this site before, is that I came to realize I was incapable of defending the central dogma of the anti-abortion religion my people had adopted as the central pillar of our faith — that a fertilized egg is morally and legally indistinct from a human child or a human adult. If that claim were defensible, then I would have no reason not to want to see those women punished and no reason not to try to convince others that they also should want to see those women punished."

8. Every Christian Song from the ’90s, Basically (posted April 5) "Yes I Realize Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane and Can’t Technically Be Saved but What If"

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