Monday, September 7, 2015


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1. 7 Things ‘Fiscally Conservative, But Socially Liberal’ People Don’t Understand (posted August 30) "'Fiscally conservative' means slashing support systems that help the poor, lowering taxes for the rich, cutting corners for big business, and screwing labor – policies that both worsen poverty and make it even more of an inescapable trap."

2. Farewell to the Missionary Hero (posted August 24) "Gone are the days when missionaries could spiritualize a relationship for a prayer letter. Now, she says, they have to be honest, or people will find out. In the same way, the public nature of missionary lives encourages treating people as people, not as items on a conversion checklist. If the people you’re writing home about are also Facebook friends, there’s no room for self-glorifying embellishment."

3. xkcd Survey (posted September 2) YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. Take this survey, full of bizarre questions.

4. Wil Wheaton's summaries of various Star Trek: TNG episodes. For you trekkies out there. These are fantastic.

5. Alecia Pennington, "The Girl Who Doesn't Exist," Can Now Prove She Does (posted September 4) Hooray!

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