Monday, December 15, 2014


"Jeremy Lin is #NotYourModelMinority." Image source and article.
1. Cute Little Black Boys Do Grow Up To Be Black Men, PART II — And Now, They Are Ten (posted November 25) "I’ve been in the store and watched from a short distance as they’ve been followed. (Yes, already.)"

2. Let's Decide What The Best Christmas Hymn Is Once And For All (posted December 9) Here's a nice lineup of Christmas songs.

3. The Cross and the Lynching Tree (posted 2013) "if the God of Jesus’ cross is found among the least, the crucified people of the world, then God is also found among those lynched in American history."

4. Ignorant Christians need to STFU about ‘the poor you will always have with you’ until they can be bothered to understand what Jesus actually said (posted December 10) "Almost every time you see someone citing this passage, they’re invoking it the same way Gov. Perry is there — a shrugging acceptance that poverty is just the way it is and that there’s nothing we can do about it."

5. From the Lectionary, Advent 2: Leveling Uneven Ground (posted December 5) "Maybe this year we prepare for Jesus not simply by hanging up wreaths but by pulling down the broken, unjust systems that tend to obscure God’s presence among us by obscuring God’s image in our brothers and sisters."

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