Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Sorry I haven't published anything in the past week or two. Between being sick and traveling during the Chinese national holiday, I've had no time to write. Anyway, I'll get on that soon, and please enjoy these posts:

1. More Thoughts on Teaching Consent to Young Children (posted September 30) "He followed her around the dance floor grabbing her hands and trying to make her dance with him. The adults on the dance floor and at tables nearby beamed at Bobby, remarking on 'how cute' he was being."

2. When white friends don’t believe what blacks go through, they’re not friends (posted September 9) "When they deny my life experience, I know the friendship has its boundaries."

3. why no one should talk about “emotional adultery” ever again (posted September 23) "They say things like 'be careful not to become close friends with a lady, guys,' as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and every time I hear it I want to cry because what they’re saying is: Samantha, you cannot have any friends."

4. Atheism and Me (posted October 2) "When I walked away from theism I also walked away from my previous unquestioned self-confidence that I am Right and everyone else is Wrong and it’s my job to set them straight."

5. Liberating Liturgies: Blessed Be (posted October 1) "Blessed be the unwashed bag lady, shopping cart stacked with tainted treasure / for she will have her basic needs met."

6. Has Your Bible Become A Quran? (posted October 1) "The Bible is not the Christian Holy Book."

7. This Buddhist Monk Has Devoted His Life To Ending Suffering In North Korea (posted October 6) "At first, I was crying all the time because I had no choice but to be impacted by what I saw."

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