Monday, June 9, 2014


1. The Tanks and the People (posted June 3) "Twenty-five years ago, before the Tiananmen massacre, my father told me: 'Son, be good and stay at home, never provoke the Communist Party.'"

2. Ghosts of Tiananmen (posted June 4) Photos.

3. Modest is Hottest? (posted May 18) "I grew up believing that the lack of men falling at my feet was a sign of some sort of moral failing on my part."

4. To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth (posted May 31) "Countless strangers in grocery stores have seen me with my three little ones and impertinently asked me how many children I was planning on having. I don’t know, person I have never met before. Tell you what, how about next week I will bring my husband here and all three of us will discuss our family planning and come up with a number you find suitable."

5. should colleges use trigger warnings? (posted June 4) "With an awareness of what it’s like to be a rape victim, with some education about how victim blaming can re-traumatize rape survivors, my professor could have made my Faulkner class a safe place to discuss the realities of sexual violence."

6. How Turbulence Happens, and Why It's Not So Scary After All (posted June 5) "The pilots aren't worried about the wings falling off; they're trying to keep their customers relaxed and everybody's coffee where it belongs."

7. Giraffe Friends. Adorable.

8. Legolas. Bahahahaha this is for those who like puns and silliness.

9. Religious OCD: 'I'm going to hell' (posted May 31) Maybe I can relate to this a little bit. God sees and knows everything, right? So even if other people think it's not a big deal if stuff isn't completely completely perfectly perfect, well, God knows.

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