Monday, March 24, 2014


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1. Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravity waves detected (posted March 17) "Scientists believe that in the fabric of space-time, there are tiny ripples called quantum fluctuations. If you could look at space-time on the smallest scale possible, you would, in theory, see them, even today." Sounds like Star Trek.

2. Respecting Every BODY (posted March 12) "Thinking about it, I realized something. Bobby wanted back in the bucket because he trusted me. He knew I would listen to him and get him out as soon as he was done. He knows I respect him and his body."

3. Lies, Damn Lies, and [Church Divorce] Statistics (posted March 14) "Think about it. You and your wife both attend church faithfully. You have your marriage difficulties and get divorced. The chance of both of you still attending the same church are pretty much nil."

4. The Particle Zoo: Subatomic Particle Softies. So cute.

5. Finnish reindeer now have glowing antlers to protect them from cars (posted February 18) "Bonus: Now ANYONE can guide the sleigh!"

6. Setting the record straight on Jesus, ‘the friend of sinners’ (posted March 20) "I asked him about the notions espoused by Carter and others that the 'sinners' with whom Jesus fellowshipped were actually followers. Burge replied, 'I’m surprised that someone would actually say that.'"

7. Poke2048, another variation on the game I linked to last week.

8. India beats the odds, beats polio (posted March 22) Great!

9. Guy Sings Katy Perry's Dark Horse in 20 Different Styles and It's Awesome (posted March 21) Wow.

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