Monday, March 3, 2014


1. 5 Good Reasons to (Temporarily) Leave the Church (posted February 24) Well amen to this.

2. Please enjoy the Mandarin Chinese version of "Let it go" from Disney's "Frozen":

3. My Problem With the Bible (posted February 17) "The bias of the Bible is from the vantage point of the underclass. But what happens if we lose sight of the prophetically subversive vantage point of the Bible? What happens if those on top read themselves into the story, not as imperial Egyptians, Babylonians, and Romans, but as the Israelites?" A-freakin-men.

4. Eastern and Western attitudes about life explained in 18 simple infographics (posted November 2013) Yes. Especially the "problem-solving approach."

5. Why You Shouldn’t Be Color Blind (posted February 25) "The point is if someone who is culturally or ethnically different from you comes around, it is unrealistic and unloving to pretend that you don’t notice."

6. It Happened To Me: I Almost Became a Victim of Human Trafficking at the Sochi Olympics (posted February 24)

7. Shock and anger after Kunming brutality (posted March 3) Jesus help us.

8. everybody... put the camel bones down and step away before someone gets hurt (posted February 19) "The presence of anachronisms does not in and of itself render Genesis historically valueless, but it does likely tell us something about the time when these stories were written and the perspective of the writers."

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