Sunday, December 29, 2013


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1. What Incarnation Means to Me: A Follow Up Post (posted December 18) "Because the God of the universe saw the human body as mattering enough that They became one, your body matters."

2. Hobby Lobby is fine with forced abortions and mandatory contraception in China, but balks at voluntary contraception for American women (posted December 18) "Those concerns have never been an issue for Hobby Lobby when it came to doing business with and in China. They only became deeply held convictions recently, when it came to doing business with the insurer covering its workers."

3. If You Put This Sign on a Christian’s Lawn, You’re a Jerk (posted December 19)

4. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk (posted December 21) Here's a fun quiz about one's particular variety of American English.

5. Disney Characters Without Their Beards. Oh wow.

6. The Manly Side of Christmas (posted December 26) "I've never heard anyone point to Joseph as an icon of biblical manhood."


  1. FWIW, here is a comment I made on the Hobby Lobby article.

    Well, I personally think there is a difference in kind here. Hobby Lobby may be doing business with companies in China, but Hobby Lobby is not, as far as I know, doing anything to its own employees that is done to people in China. Hobby Lobby is not forcing any of its own employees to have forced contraception or abortions, nor (I hope) is it running sweatshops.

    However, Hobby Lobby is still being completely inconsistent in the enforcement of its purported principles. To provide insurance that offers contraception is not really any different than providing a paycheck that allows employees to spend the money however they want. An employee of Hobby Lobby might take her paycheck to Planned Parenthood and get an abortion. Or she might go to a pharmacy and buy contraception using her paycheck-- though she may not get insurance coverage for either of these things.

    To be consistent, Hobby Lobby needs to take complete control over the spending of its employees, to make sure the paychecks they provide are not spent by the employee on anything Hobby Lobby disapproves of. This would, of course, mean dispensing the check in special "Hobby Lobby" dollars that are only usable in special Hobby Lobby company stores. Also they must be sure they pay the employees' rent or mortgage, power bills, auto insurance and car payments, etc., directly for the employee, to make sure the employee doesn't skip a payment on the power bill in order to afford contraception.

    If this idea is abhorrent to Hobby Lobby, then they ought to stop trying to control the way their employees use their compensation, including insurance benefits. They ought to be the good capitalists they purport to be and give their employees the economic freedom they themselves enjoy.