Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did I Share the Gospel?

"The most important thing is God loves us."

Actually, I said it in Chinese. (“最重要就是上帝爱我们。”) I was talking with a friend, and happened to mention that I (try to) go to church every week and I'm a Christian, and this was my attempt to sum up what Christianity is about.

I mean, haha, it's just one sentence, of course it can't sum up what Christianity is about. But being here in China, where the majority of people don't know much of anything about Christianity, I've been thinking a lot about what to say, how to describe what I believe.

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And you know what? I love what I believe.

I mean, isn't it amazing that God loves us?! God loves us! YOU GUYS! GOD LOVES US!

And he came to our world to experience life as a human. Jesus understands everything. He understands pain and hunger and sadness and anger and joy and laughter and friendship and love and everything.

I mean, how cool is that??!!! God became a human! He didn't just leave us on our own. He left his power behind and became weak and vulnerable.

And dude dude dude, Jesus died and then resurrected! That's amazing! He is stronger than anything- stronger than death! He can do anything! And his resurrection points to the time in the future when he will renew this world.

Yes, all the screwed-up stuff in this world, Jesus will fix. No more crying or pain or sickness. God knows, God understands our problems, and he loves us!

That's freaking awesome!!!

And Jesus calls us to join him in making this world better- treating others with love, fighting for justice. Dude sign me up!

I want to tell everybody because it's so cool!!! I don't want to force anyone to believe, or force anyone to change- I mean, I just want to tell them God loves them because dude that is good news. Maybe they don't believe that- which is fine, no worries, God still loves you and I want to be like God and love people too. So I won't try to force anyone to believe anything.

Dude, I love this, and I am going to tell people this, in Chinese, if they ask what I believe as a Christian. Jesus is so awesome! He understands what we feel. He truly loves us- enough to actually come and live with us. DUUUUUUUUDE!

And he'll change this world! You know how there's all kinds of screwed-up stuff which should never happen to anyone? Well God will change that. God will bring justice. Wonderful wonderful justice.

And if that's not good news, I don't know what is.

So tell me, did I share the gospel?

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  1. Absolutely! And I wonder if that's why Christianity is spreading so much in non-Western cultures. If you've never heard this basic message before, it's gripping! And there's been no time for the basic message to get saddled with all sorts of extraneous garbage.