Monday, August 12, 2013


1. Maybe God is a “bitch” (posted August 5) "It’s weird, as a white, American Christian, to think that if there is a God, she might not be on my side."

2. The Bible's case for immigration reform (posted August 8) "Our claim to them is simple: Politicians who are professing Christians need to consider what their faith has to say about immigration. If they oppose reform and refuse to offer compassion to our immigrant brothers and sisters, they should justify their positions on moral grounds."

3. it’s not the rules that are the problem (posted August 7) "Belief in a God whose most dominant, over-riding characteristic is a demand for absolute righteousness, for the acknowledgement of his children that they are completely broken, miserable, worms, barely even worthy of his attention. Belief in a God that is so gracious and loving that he daily overcomes his disgust, his revulsion, to reach out of heaven and show mercy to us."

4. Abstinence: A Birth Control Method That Is 100% Effective? (posted August 5) "When it comes to abstinence, the typical use rate is going to be lower than the perfect use rate because of the large number of people who say they are using abstinence—even going so far as to take formal abstinence pledges—and then end up having sex anyway before marriage anyway."

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