Monday, August 5, 2013


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1. God, How Could You? (posted July 30) "I used to declare my trust in God and His goodness, until mental illness made it all so brittle it was laughable. Despite my Christianity-correct words, I had not understood."

2. 101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women (posted July 26)

3. Hell Series: Ask a traditionalist 1 (free will, postmortem repentance)….response (posted July 30) Theologian Jerry Walls, who believes in a traditional view of hell (eternal conscious torment) but with the possibility of repentance after death, explains his view.

4. Being Confused (posted July 30) "My mother, with her incredible drive to serve, taught me that people are important. But the church taught me that to love my neighbor meant that the most critical question I could ask people was if they were saved. ... Because if they were not saved, my relationship to them was evangelistic. So much training was given on how to strike up conversations, how to defeat arguments against Christianity, how to present the Gospel in simple, easy to understand steps."

5. Why My Christian Memoir Has R-Rated Words (posted July 30) "He couldn’t have known that his choosing to say the 'unholy' word spoke God’s love to me in the only way I could hear it."

6. Five Minute Friday: STORY. (posted August 2) "Evangelicals have this idea about God’s plan and calling and blueprint in which he is pulling us one puppet string at a time to wherever he wants us to go and it’s like this thing we say as a big band-aid on any and all problems. He ordained it."

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