Monday, September 17, 2012


1. Church Stories: "Forgive them, Father" (posted September 10) This is such a powerful story. Go read it. Seriously.

2. On Homosexuality: It's OK to Fight (posted August 31) "I am a testimony that homosexuality can be a choice." Wow... did not expect this. I thought, no, it's not supposed to work this way. But remember what I said about listening to other people's experiences, and believing them, instead of thinking I'm an expert on their life? Yeah, go read this.

3. Detroit Lions, Ford Field part of history as first female NFL referee Shannon Eastin draws positive reviews after first game (posted September 10) Shannon Eastin became the first woman to referee an NFL regular season game. Awesome! I wonder what her story is- did people tell her she was crazy to go through ref training, because obviously girls couldn't do that?

4. Ask a transgender Christian (Response) (posted September 11) Wow, this week's blogaround is full of really personal, eye-opening stories. Go read this.
5. Flightradar24 For the science nerds out there. A real-time map of planes in the sky all over the world. (Though there are some regions with no data.)

6. I am not a Puzzle Box (posted September 10) "Sex is not an item." Also her observation about "ideas that women don't actually want sex and just have to regulate men's access to it" is dead-on.

7. The List Of What You Must Do To Remain Saved (posted September 14)

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