Monday, July 9, 2012


Cool stuff from around the internet:

1. Rachel Held Evans's Christian bookstores and their chokehold on the industry (posted July 6).  She says that the Christian publishing industry is so strict, so afraid to take risks, that they only allow books which fit a sanitized, cliche version of the world.

"The Christian bookstore experience is, in a word, safe.  But safe is not how Christians are called to live, and safe is not what artists who are Christians are called to create.  In fact, based on LifeWay's own standards, the Bible itself- which includes profanity, violence, and sex- should be banned from the shelves."

2. Here's something to think about:
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"When Golda Meir was Prime Minister of Israel she was asked to place a curfew on women to end a series of rapes.  However, she refused, saying 'But it is the men who are attacking the women.  If there is to be a curfew, let the men stay at home.'"

3. This post by a gay Christian, about how he is fed up with trying to find a church where he fits in.  (Posted on June 20.)  Found the link on Justin Lee's blog

"I'm sorry.  I feel absolutely terrible about this.  But I don't want to do dialogue anymore.  I don't want to journey together or live life with you or work out some difficult answers.  I'm tired of having to pray that God will soften my heart so that I can tolerate your bigotry more easily."

Seriously, go read this if you're a Christian who would like to understand how (some) gay people feel (I think Jesus said something about this, something about "loving your neighbor as yourself" perhaps).

4.'s Fat Is Officially Incurable (According to Science) (posted July 5).  People who lose a ton of weight and keep it off are ridiculously rare.  There's a lot you could say about this- you can speculate about why, you can conclude that it's wrong to shame/discriminate against fat people, you can argue about dieting, etc. 

5. Here are some cute puppies.

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