Friday, August 20, 2021



640 Afghan civilians in a cargo plane leaving Afghanistan.

1. Creationist Kent Hovind Arrested on Charge of Domestic Violence (posted August 5) 

Related to that, Captain Cassidy gives us an overview of who Kent Hovind is, including a timeline about his ministry and legal troubles. And I was astonished, because, yes, I remember hearing a while ago that he was in jail for tax evasion. And yes, I remember when I was in college and I was a follower of Answers in Genesis and then somebody sent me hours and hours of Kent Hovind's creationist videos and I watched them all, and I basically believed most of it but he came off as a little more wacky than Answers in Genesis. Like he was all hung up on the King James being the best English bible, and he mentioned that God instructed us to eat fruit "with seed in it" and everyone's medical problems are caused by eating fruit without seed- all those years ago, watching his videos, I thought of my grandparents' medical problems and felt it was really not cool for him to downplay that as if there was this magical easy answer, eating fruits with seeds. And I remember in his videos he mentioned "I don't pay taxes" and I felt that was a little bit, uh, crazytown. Well. Reading Captain Cassidy's timeline now, I see that AT THE VERY SAME TIME I was watching Kent Hovind's videos and thinking it was pretty shady for him to be boasting about how he doesn't pay taxes, he was LITERALLY IN JAIL FOR NOT PAYING TAXES.

2. The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark (originally published in 1983) "The animals, many of them so sensitive that they have never yet been kept in zoos, had to make it through in good enough condition to reproduce and to spread over the earth."

3. After Backlash, Joshua Harris Cancels Class for Those Feeling "Shame Around Sex" (posted August 15)

4. Let's donate to help Afghan people. I donated to Women for Women

We should also donate to organizations that help refugees. Look at what's going on: More than 600 Afghans cram into one U.S. transport flight, as thousands flee Taliban (posted August 17)

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