Friday, June 11, 2021


1. NFL pledges to halt ‘race-norming,’ review Black claims (posted June 2) "The NFL on Wednesday pledged to halt the use of “race-norming” — which assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive function — in the $1 billion settlement of brain injury claims and review past scores for any potential race bias." What the fuck.

2. Yes, But WHICH Hell Shall We Fear? (Journey Into Hell #1) (posted May 25) "There's no more reason to fear it than we have to fear the Chinvat Bridge or Mictlan."

3. Does God Have His Own Logic? (posted February 4) "Yes, of course there are things that are mysteries to us but not to God. That is not the issue here. The issue here is what a person is permitted to say if he or she expects to be taken seriously." Yes, THANK YOU, I am very excited to find an evangelical saying this.

4. Cruella (posted May 28) "Did you ever wonder how Cruella De Vil, the vampy fiend from Disney's '101 Dalmatians,' became evil enough to want to kill puppies and skin them for fur coats? You didn't? Ah, well—there's a movie about it, 'Cruella.'"

5. Still There for You: China’s Enduring Obsession With ‘Friends’ (posted June 7) Yep, it's like every Chinese person my age is a fan of "Friends" and used it as a key resource in learning English. My husband is a huge fan and so now I am a huge fan too.

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