Thursday, September 26, 2019


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1. Black Christians Deserve Better Than Companies (And Churches) Like Relevant Media Group (posted September 19) "I shared that I was unaware that a request for permission was needed to commemorate Black History Month with the rest of the country."

And then this post and this one from Relevant Magazine, apologizing for the issues raised by former Relevant employees Andre Henry [linked above] and Rebecca Marie Jo. It's good to see they are apologizing. I hope they follow through with the changes they say they will make.

2. Walking Whales On Board Noah’s Ark: The Inevitable End-point of Creationists’ Post-Flood Hyper-Speciation Belief? (posted 2017) "Similarly, how did a massive chaotic flood killed all the sea reptiles but no sea mammals? This makes no sense."

3. Is Star Trek Actually Less Progressive Than You Think? (posted September 25) "Did he 'some of our best friends are black' an entire planet?"

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