Monday, December 17, 2018

How Churches Can Welcome Trans People

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During Advent this year, I'm giving money to support trans people, and if you are financially able then you should too. :)

And this week I want to share some articles about what churches should do to welcome trans people:

How to tell if your church is welcoming for transgender people (from Queer Theology)
If your website says nothing about transgender people I will automatically assume that you are not welcoming of transgender people.


How do you refer to God on your website? Do you use only male pronouns? Or only binary pronouns?

Do you have lots of gender specific ministries and groups? If so do you make clear that transgender people are welcome in those groups? Do you have groups for transgender or non-binary identified people? (And really, do you need gendered groups to begin with?)
Being a pastor for trans people (Elizabeth Palmer interviews Tracy Nolan)
When talking to a person who identifies as trans, use the pronouns and name that the person asks you to use. When in doubt, ask. If you make a mistake, apologize and move on.

Consider how you might be perceived as a minister. Identify yourself as a safe person through your language and interaction.

Don’t assume that someone who identifies as trans is broken or needs pity.

Pay attention to how you might advocate for someone—but first offer and ask their permission. Some may not want your advocacy, or it might not be safe for them to be public about their trans identity.

Don’t “out” anyone. Their story is theirs to share, and they may not share it with everyone for very valid reasons.
Have a good Advent, everyone, and let's continue to support trans people by donating money on #TransCrowdFund or to Trans Lifeline.

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