Thursday, July 27, 2017


Protesters under a banner that says "Homosexuality is Sin! Return to Jesus!" In front of them, a man dressed as white Jesus holds a rainbow sign that says "I'm cool with it." Image source.
1. These Powerful Photos Will Challenge All Your Notions of Black Fatherhood (posted 2016) "A higher percentage of black fathers — 40.6 percent — help with homework or check homework than white fathers."

2. Why I’m Concerned about Josh Harris’ New Documentary (posted July 17) "After all, nothing in these materials—either the email or the kickstarter—promises more than a twenty-years-on revisiting of the ideas, with a response to critics."

3. My Gynecologist Wouldn’t Give Me an Elective Abortion—So I Broke Up With Her (posted June 20) "If a woman does not want to be pregnant—for any reason—abortion is automatically a medical need."

4. Literally every one of the bullet points in this piece is insulting and/or inaccurate. So let’s correct them! (posted July 20) Twitter thread about autism.

5. Women seeking abortions in Arkansas now need permission from men (posted July 11) Grossssssssss.

6. A Beloved Former Pastor Retracted His Support of Same-Sex Marriage. It Will Harm LGBTQ People More Than He May Know (posted July 14) "By stating his support for same-sex marriage and then retracting it a day after it was published, he confirmed the sense of so many LGBTQ people that we cannot trust church leaders and that the church is not a place where we can ever let down our guard. By not letting his “yes” be “yes,” he contributed to the feeling among LGBTQ Christians that we are disposable."

7. Eugene Peterson: the Christian Right’s Newest Messy Object Lesson. (posted July 15) Here's a roundup of Christian blog posts farewell-ing Eugene Peterson, and it's pretty horrifying. Makes me so glad I'm not an evangelical anymore.

8. why Christians can't trust psychology (posted July 5) "However, many Christians are willing to speak at length about why they don’t trust psychology, and most of it revolves around how they think it’s impossible to treat spiritual problems — because all mental health issues are of course really spiritual problems– without recognizing the Truth. Psychology, they say, tries to tell us that we’re fine and good and we just need to talk things out, while the Truth of the matter is that we’re not fine and we’re most definitely not good and we need repentance, not therapy."

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