Thursday, June 8, 2017


Queer umbrella, with the words "Lesbian", "Gay", "Bi", "Trans", "Intersex", "Pansexual", "Asexual", and "All Others" under it. Happy Pride Month! Image source.
1. A Progressive Christian Conference With an All-White Lineup: What Could Go Wrong? (posted May 30) "The organizers claim that they took seriously the concerns raised about the lineup, but if racial and ethnic diversity were important to them, it would not be an afterthought."

2. Evangelicals Who Link Evolution and Racism Forget Christianity Was Used to Defend Slavery and Segregation (posted June 6) "I should note that this belief predated even the idea of evolution. In other words, the “curse of Ham” was not based on evolutionary ideas about race."

3. Where Do Ex-Evangelicals Come From? (posted June 7) "In order to leave fundamentalism, something within you has to be powerful enough to make you willing to leave despite the intense social, psychological, and often economic costs of leaving, and the effects of years, often decades, of gaslighting."

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