Monday, October 19, 2015


Pangolins. Image source.
1. ‘Who gets a casserole?’ (posted October 8) "That family who lost their home to fire, flood or tornado faces a hardship that we can clearly understand and that we know how to fix. They lost their home, so we can build them a new one. And once we do that, their problem will be fixed and we won’t have to worry about it anymore. But people whose problems are more chronic or enduring, whose problems don’t have such an obvious and final fix, are less likely to get a casserole."

2. California ‘Redskins’ Ban a Rare Statewide Win for Movement (posted October 12) Great!

3. Is Hermione Granger White? (posted October 9) "A story about racial hatred and oppression, in which zero major characters are actual racial minorities, would be a bit strange, would it not?"

4. Using the Bible To Run From Jesus (What If Jesus Actually Is Enough?) (posted October 9) "In the end, I found that one of the best ways to avoid doing what Jesus taught, and one of the easiest ways to find excuses for why we shouldn’t live the way he lived, was to use the Bible to do it."

5. NonStampCollector – Bible Interpretation: Upside Down (posted October 15) A really interesting video parodying bible interpretation.

And another video from the same producer: Christian Apologetics: Hitler can't help you. Wow, this one is really good.

6. When There Is No Justice in Scripture: The Rape of Tamar (posted October 12) "Throughout my life in the church, I had never heard the name “Tamar.” No reference to this daughter of King David. No remembrance of her profound suffering and grief."

7. Why White Parents Won't Choose Black Schools (posted October 15) "Our schools are more segregated than they have ever been. Our educational system is deeply inequitable. Things are only getting worse. They shook their concerned liberal head in sadness wondering what they could do. Then they made sure their child got into the very white, pretty affluent charter school that is not representative of their neighborhood."

8. Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls (posted October 8) Yep.

9. Christians, Quit Waiting to Take Advantage of Tragedies in Our Lives to Convert Us (posted October 9) "I’ve even sat in on sermons and advice from apologists to college students saying Christians should wait till a friend has a hard time in their lives before sharing the Gospel to them."

10. The Problem with Gendering Kids’ Halloween Costumes Is Othering, Not Sexualizing (posted October 13) "What does it communicate to girls, I wonder, when they’re presented with “girlified” career uniforms that look nothing like what women in those careers actually wear?"

11. How being poor can lead to a negative spiral of fear and self-loathing (posted June 30) "The study also reported a “negative self-stereotyping” effect, whereby people in long-term poverty absorbed the prevalent media stereotypes of people on benefits or facing unemployment as being “low in warmth and low in competence”."

12. Once Seed Was Planted, Chinese Headwear Fad Grew Like Weeds (posted October 7) YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. There is a new trend in China where people appear to be growing tiny plants on the tops of their heads.

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