Monday, January 26, 2015


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1. The Beauty of Bodies: Russell Wilson’s Inelegant Theology and the Joy of Incarnation (posted January 19) "I don’t have the energy to hammer someone for their feelings of gratitude anymore."

2. The Secret Weapon the Church Never Planned On – Passionate Parents of LGBT Children (posted January 20) "They look at their children and do not see 'abominations' and 'broken' people, they see the child they have known and loved."

3. Why you should still bring canned goods to food drives (posted January 20) "A visible, tangible reminder of the need of others."

4. Shanghai fires 4 top district officials blamed in the New Year's Eve stampede that killed 36 (posted January 20)

5. The boy who didn't come back from heaven: inside a bestseller's 'deception' (posted January 21) "'You’re right, this whole story is fabricated,' Johnson recalled Beth Malarkey telling him. '[But] because the book was a bestseller, no one in the evangelical publishing industry wanted to kill it.'"

6. Super Bowl Prostitution "No data actually support the notion that increased sex trafficking accompanies the Super Bowl."

7. The Subversion of the Creator God (posted January 21) "What I'm suggesting is that the worship of the Creator introduced into the religion of Israel a subversive element that began to slowly unwind the smug, insular, exclusive and violent imagination of Israel."

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