Monday, November 3, 2014


"when u lose ur phone in the couch but u can't find it" Image source.

1. Yes I Take My Poor Children Trick-or-Treating in Your Rich Neighborhood (posted October 27) "I’ve looked at the boundary map for her school, and it looks like someone went out of their way to piece all of the poor neighborhoods together while leaving out the wealthier ones. And guess what? Someone did."

2. No one can prevent all abortions. You can only eliminate safe abortions (posted October 29)

3. Lawsuits: Alabama prisoners died of gangrene, constipation (posted October 28) Lord have mercy.

4. Sanctity of the Wedding Mill (posted October 20) "They claim to have married 'roughly 35,000 couples' which indicates how discerning they are in making sure the couples they marry are really ready to enter into this life long covenant."

5. Despair, the Hard Work of Theology, and Abraham's Test (posted October 27) "Put another way, to believe--even in the face of the most astonishing pyrotechnic display of supernatural fireworks--that God was actually commanding me to kill my son, would be to give up my faith in the goodness of God. It would be to stop believing that God is love."

6. The Slaveowners and Me: On Nurturing Empathy for Oppressors (posted October 30) "Whether our ancestors were complicit in oppression or whether they bravely stood up against it, it’s worth nurturing the curiosity and introspection it takes to wonder why."

7. Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly ... in bed (posted October 31) "Ask, 'What does the Lord require of you as a single person?' or 'What does the Lord require of you as a spouse?' or 'What does the Lord require of you as someone who is LGBT?'** and the ensuing discussion won’t sound anything at all like the last half of Micah 6:8."

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