Monday, May 6, 2013


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1. I Don't Want to be a Good Christian Anymore (posted April 29) "There is no fear in love, but fear had wrapped itself around me like a chain. Whenever I paused to hear the voice of the Father, only condemnation echoed in my heart."

2. Jesus In Outer Space (posted April 9)

3. How I Believed Jesus Was Republican and Grew Up To Rethink It All (posted May 1) "We stopped to go to the bathroom at a western hotel. And he stared at the toilet. He had never seen a toilet. He had never seen a stoplight. He had never seen a door and a door knob."

4. Privilege and Biblical interpretation (posted April 30) "I cannot know what it’s like to read a text that has been thrown in my face by an abusive spouse."

5. Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion (posted May 2) This. THIS. This is pretty much EXACTLY how I feel about abortion, and why I'm not exactly pro-life and not exactly pro-choice.

6. Why Jason Collins’ Faith is Ignored... And Tebow’s Isn’t (posted May 2) "Tim Tebow is an example of how the public face of Christian athletes, like the public face of American Christianity in general, is overwhelmingly white—despite the fact that black Americans are the racial demographic most likely to identify as 'very religious.'"

7. Not a Prize: The Language of Pursuit in Dating (posted May 1) "If I do the right work, I'll get a man as a prize - it doesn't matter which man, just a man."

8. The Language of Singleness. (posted May 2) "Perhaps I’m not ready, perhaps he’s not ready, or perhaps we’re both ready but we aren’t in the same city because life is complicated and baffling and sometimes there is no real explanation for being single for 25 years other than it is God’s plan and I need to trust Him."

9. Liberals continue their attack on the authority of scripture (posted April 30) "Once you come to see things this way, you’ll learn to decode the language of these 'progressive' so-called Christians. You’ll come to understand that when you hear talk of things like a plan to 'eradicate modern-day slavery,' what you’re really seeing is a plan to overthrow the traditional institutions established by the Bible."

10. Christian Concert – The Chris Tomlin Edition (posted April 23) "And I would be lying if I say that the cynical part of my heart isn’t prone to cataloging every flaw, every cliché, every bit of jargon lasering through the room. But also, I would be lying if I say that I am not moved."

11. The Cost of Being Poor (part 1) (posted April 29) "Without a car, or money for gas to drive to the suburbs, grocery shopping must be done at small convenience stores that often charge significantly more for basic groceries."

12. “To Be Who You Know You Are” (posted April 29) "Being gay, you see, had nothing to do with my best self. My sexual orientation was 'intrinsically disordered' away from Christlike, life-giving love and toward selfish, self-indulgent desires. I lost my faith as a teenager because I couldn’t reconcile these two worlds."

13. CBS News interviews Danny, the guy who got carjacked by the Tsarnaev brothers (posted May 1) "He told me that, 'You have to answer his phone, but if you say any single word in Chinese, I will kill you right now.'"

14. If it is not about sex, then why have the gay pride parades across the nation that promote sexual acts. (posted May 3) "You only notice the outrageous ones, because they’re outrageous."

15. Star Wars Day Attack Ad: Say No to May the 4th

16. From Morocco to Denmark: Rape survivors around the world are forced to marry attackers (posted May 2) This is a real thing that happens. In the freaking 21st century.

17. You might be too lazy to learn Chinese, but you’re not too old (posted May 2) Yes! Don't let anyone tell you that learning Chinese is impossible for adults. That's a bunch of nonsense.

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